Tide Lines

Tide Lines.jpg

Tide Lines is a Scottish folk pop band. Their songs are sung in both Gaelic and English and they make sure to include Gaelic songs in every set.

Its sound has been described as a combination of celtic soul, folk philosophy and big guitars. The band first emerged in the summer of 2016 with the release of their debut single, ‘Far Side Of The World’ which entered the UK download charts, less than 24 hours after the band was launched.


The following year, they self-released their debut album ‘Dreams We Never Lost’, which has become something of a runaway success North of Hadrian’s Wall and has led to the band selling out shows across the Highlands and Islands, from Glasgow to John O’Groats and all points in between.


The enthusiasm the band encountered when they took their show further South for a number of shows last year confirmed that the word of mouth on Tide Lines is unstoppable.