Dandelion Charm


Dandelion Charm from Newhaven, England, blend folk, prog and rock, with a sound reminiscent of the late '60s and early '70's. Think Fleetwood Mac meets Opeth, CSN meets Yes.

Intricate harmonies and epic outros tell emotional stories of disfunction, joy and despair.

John and Clare have just released their new five track ep, 'Riding the Flood', which follows their debut album 'Tiny Drop'.

Recordings are made in their own 'SaidZebedee' studio. Live, Dandelion Charm can perform as a duo, a full six piece band, or anything in between.

Very much a personal as well as a creative partnership Dandelion Charm sprang to life in 2015, the brainchild of John and Clare Fowler. Performing as both a duo and with a full band they have been memorably described as ‘like Fleetwood Mac without the drama’. The drama, of course, is to be found in the songs themselves.


As Clare explains, “The themes we deal with in our songs are not frivolous ones. They are all about aspects of real life, things that we’ve seen or been part of. Fear and self-doubt, optimism and determination, family, relationships and addiction are some of the emotions and situations we explore.”

With a background working in a commercial studio, John brings over twenty years of song-writing and production experience to Dandelion Charm. Clare, meanwhile, is a long-time visual artist and performer and her love of storytelling manifests itself in her heartfelt lyrics and emotive delivery. There are three key elements to Dandelion Charm, however: John, Clare and ‘Olah’ - the latter being John’s custom-built jumbo twelve-string guitar which is central to both the songwriting process and Dandelion Charm’s live performances.

Dandelion Charm’s debut album ‘Tiny Drop’ was released in 2015, attracting extremely positive reviews and picking up airplay across a number of radio stations. This was followed up by a five-track EP ‘Riding The Flood’ released in February 2018 which has brought the duo’s exquisite studio work to much wider attention, receiving plaudits from across a number of genres – from prog to hard-rock to folk.