The Waterboys


And they're back: following an epic, headlining performance on the Arena Stage in 2014 (my first FCC), the Gaelic warriors return for what will be, no doubt, another Festival highlight.

The Waterboys were formed 36 years ago by Mike Scott and became famous for their powerful live performances and majestic alternative rock albums such as A Pagan Place and This is the Sea, which included their biggest hit The Whole of the Moon.  After the recruitment of Irish fiddle maestro Steve Wickham, the band created their million-selling Fisherman's Blues album, on which Scott's original and unusual songwriting was merged with older musical styles - country, trad, blues and gospel - to electrifying effect.  SInce then The Waterboys have continued to make genre-busting records and have matured into one of the world's finest live acts

Where the Action Is, the band's 13th studio album, was released by Cooking Vinyl on 24 May 19.  Guy Oddy of The Arts Desk concluded: "Scott may no longer be the young man who gave us "Don't Bang the Drum" and "A Girl Called Johnny" but he is far from being a Bono-like pompous windbag and on this evidence, he's not only not finished, but he may yet achieve the same mythic status of some of his own great influences."