Avon Faire


Avon Faire is a female singing group, featuring special 3-part harmony arrangements of traditional Celtic & UK folk songs, & medieval. Their 2017 debut album: “Riddles and Love Songs”. Avon Faire embark on their 3rd tour of England, July/Aug. 2018.

Dedicated to the beauty of Celtic & English traditional music, and Renaissance/Medieval, and folk pop, they enjoy singing in their own, special 3-part harmony and duet vocal arrangements. They debuted their 1st recording "Riddles And Love Songs" in 2017, a collection of 11 favorite, old Celtic & English folk songs. It features Kath Green and Andriette Redmann on vocals and guitars and Betsy Long on vocals and percussion. 
Kath and Andriette have classical singing backgrounds; and all three were lead singers in various bands.
Kath and Andriette are dedicated to performing this treasured music, sharing their magical vocal blend in concert venues, art museums, pubs, Renaissance Faires and events.
Performing live with talented Anna Marie Spallina (vocal, recorder, mandolin, percussion, ukulele, guitar) and John Rokosny adding his percussion flair. 
Guests include Betsy Long, Carol Jacobanis, & Cait O'Riordan (of the Pogues), Pheobe Sandford, Pierce Turner, weaving in their special talents.